Meridio vineyard is a concentrate of authenticity and passion. This Company is a modern transposition of ancient Sicilian traditions combined with the love for the Sicilian territory.
That’s why “Yes in Sicily” decided to get closer this valuable reality, a charming place where the ranks of sun-kissed vines create an enchanted atmosphere.
Not too far from the baroque cities’ beauties of Modica, Scicli and Ragusa Ibla, in the countryside of Chiaramonte Gulfi, the original idea of the company find its roots in the greatest intimacy between the two owners, Giovanni Salafia and Gaetano Luca. After their 20-years working collaboration as geologists, they decided to cultivate (literally) their common dream. It was 2007.
At the very beginning it was just a hobby but then it became something bigger. They are welcoming us with their big smiles and with some friends that are more than happy to help during their spare time, like in a big family. The harvesting period has just started, reason why we are approaching them silently, not to disturb this solemn moment. Milo, the dog, is celebrating the first harvesting day barking happily and guiding us throughout the field. And then, Gaetano is telling us about Ulisse, soul of the vineyard and third vintner, a stray they found there, in the countryside, at the very beginning of their adventure. Even if now it passed away, its memory is etched among that green ranks, the same memory that is guiding us among the red grapes.
We are surrounded from good vibes. Smiles, perfumes, stories about the past, like the one Mr Iannizzotto is telling us. Such a moving memory.
Dedication, sacrifices, simplicity and honesty are the special ingredients that are leading these two vintners towards the difficulties concerning the creation of a natural product, by a traditional cultivation methods.
The result is the handcrafting of two different wines. They take their name from the tools they are using in the vine: Arundo, the first one, takes its name from the botanical cane (Arundo Donax) used to support the plant, as a replacement of the metallic one; Liama, the second one, takes its name from the natural fibre used to bound the grapevines, as a replacement of the plastic ones. In addition, they do not use any chemical products nor in the vineyard nor in the following processes. The result is an organic wine mirroring the farmers’ authenticity and sincerity, the wisdom of the ancient tools and the scented flavours you can find only in Sicily, that part of Sicily.


Ilenia Amico

   Yes in Sicily founder

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