Motorbike Tour with professional driver as passenger ( moto included)

Yes Sicily, with the collaboration of Moto Tourism Ragusa, offers a fantastic motorcycle tour along the “Route of the Commissioner Montalbano”, to discover the places of the fiction. Don’t worry if you are not experienced drivers because you will go by motorbike with our expert riders and we will give you all the necessary equipment. Great fun!

Guided Tour - The Baroque of Ragusa

Ragusa Ibla, built from the ruins of the ancient city and rebuilt after the earthquake of 1693, according to the old medieval style in late baroque style with 14 of the 18 monuments of the city of Ragusa now registered in the world heritage. With Clorinda and Damiano, our specialized tour guides, we will take you on an unprecedented and exclusive journey through the alleys of the city to discover stories, details and historical artistic details. An initiative not to be missed by Yes in Sicily and IblaZon.

Appointment at the entrance to the Giardini Iblei of Ragusa Ibla. The tour will last approximately 90 minutes. Check out the dates and times.

Old carretto laboratory - painting lesson in the authentic sicilian traditional

Visiting the ancient workshop of the cart and lesson of Sicilian painting in Ragusa Ibla. The art of the Sicilian Painters Masters.

A unique and exclusive experience in Ragusa Ibla accompanied by Yes in Sicily. An event not to be missed for tourists and lovers of authentic experinze. We will discover the secrets of the construction of the Sicilian cart and of the Sicilian painting told by the Painters Damiano and Biagio.

You can also participate in a lesson in Sicilian painting.

Evening Walking Tour - Ragusa Ibla

Evening walking tour between Baroque and Taste.

A special night event …. not to be missed for tourists and lovers of nature walks, photography, adventure and good Sicilian food.

An unforgettable evening walk through the streets of Ragusa Ibla, a unique opportunity to discover the most evocative alleys and the most unknown glimpses for your photographs. We will take you to places that are local to us, perfect glimpses for your photographs and selfies. A relaxing and ideal walk to do with your children or taking your dog for a walk. A Sunday evening to spend in company and in joy with many curiosities to discover on the baroque and the city. Do not miss the tasty tasting of typical products halfway through.



n Sicily cooking is an art that is passed down from mother to child. You will live an authentic experience cooking famous recipes of Sicilian cuisine with our local chef.

You will discover how to prepare mouth-watering dishes with traditional secret ingredients, through the teachings of local experts using simple and genuine products. After the lesson you will have a dinner of the food you prepared with the chef and a wonderful glass of Sicilian wine .

During the week you will enjoy different experineces dicscovering the south east of Sicily and its beautiful Baroque cities

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