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along Ragusa’s coast, from Scoglitti to Sampieri


along Ragusa’s coast, from Scoglitti to Sampieri


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Ragusa coast, between wide golden beaches and little maritime villages.

On the road along the Ragusan coast, you can dive into the water surrounded by the most beautiful beaches.

Going from Ragusa to Provincial Road 25, you will catch site of brilliant ocean views while treading the soft golden sand of the beach in no time.

The Ragusan coast distinguished for its wide and beautiful beaches with shallow and quiet water, a sort of heaven where relaxation is the key word to enjoy these fantastic places, where time seems to stop, the skin gets brown and the mind is renewed.

Covering the coast from Scoglitti, a little fisher town famous for its fish market during the afternoon, to Pisciotta, recognisable for its old kiln, it’s beautiful beach and sand dunes, you will discover many fantastic maritime landscapes, wild beaches, natural reserves, such as that of Irminio Mouth, and some characteristic villages overlooking the sea, such as the charming Donnalucata or the more trendy Marina di Ragusa, a favourite destination among youngsters and water sport lovers. Well known for its summer events and its trendy pubs.


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