Walking, trekking, archaeological tour, excursions and bathing.


In the south of Sicily, near Agrigento.


All year round or in summer for bathing.


nature, walking, archeology and excursion lovers


The Agrigento's coast between nature and archaeology.

A tour through the “Valle dei templi” of Agrigento, one of the most beautiful archaeological sites of Greek civilization in Sicily.

A few kilometres from Agrigento, the “Valle dei Templi” (the Templus valley) rises as testimony of “the most beautiful of mortal cities” in which it is possible to find, even now, the indelible marks of a population that formed the history and the character of this isle, the Greeks. Since 1997 it has been a world heritage site; the archaeological park, with its 1300 hectares, is one of the most extensive in the world. Traveling the route along the golden tuff ruins, under the warm Sicilian sun, will bring you to the ancient glories of a big city, while the religious silence that surrounds the impressive “Tempio della Concordia” will invite you to be caressed by the sea breeze that, everyday, pays tribute to the greatness of the site.

It’s just a few feet to the ancient Greek city that Pirandello, the Italian well-known poet and playwright of Argentine origin, rested in the shade of a pine. His house has become a museum where first editions of his work, photos and theatre programs that tell about his life are guarded.

  • Eraclea Minoa beach and the particularity of its clay coasts where bathers often do compresses for their
  • The natural reserve WWF Torre Salsa whose natural route will bring you to discover fantastic places, uncommon plants and flowers, ancient civilisations and breath taking landscapes, finally arriving to the beach where you can bathe.
  • Scala dei Turchi, near Realmonte, a strange phenomenon created by water erosion leaves an expanse of carved rock making it appear as if its covered by snow, it truly is a masterpiece of nature, stretching out towards the calm waters of its golden beaches and softly dipping sea beds. The legend tells that Arabian and Turkish pirates whose ships were damaged by storms, repaired their vessels right in this magic place.

You can’t resist an adventurous climb among the soft tracks of this marvel and dive into the wonderful blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea


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