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Syracuse-Ortigia one way

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Declaimed by Cicerone as the most largest and beautiful of all Greek cities, Syracuse has been the center of a cultural movement full of traditions, gastronomy and folklore.

City of Archimedes, it was the largest of the ancient world, with a fervent commercial and intellectual vitality.
Its Greek and Roman roots can still be seen by visiting the archaeological site, in which still linger among the ruins the echoes of the myths and legends as the Ear of Dionysius.

The most attractive monument of the park is the greek theater, which even in late spring and early summer back to life through the wonderful performances of classical plays.

The old town of Ortigia is a real masterpiece in which the Baroque blends with the most remote origins.
Heart of the old city is considered a true pearl of Sicily, a small island jewel to get lost among the fascinating streets, the hidden alleyways of the Giudecca Jewish ghetto and the beautiful squares with cafes and restaurants.

Particular is the cathedral in the main square, once a temple dedicated to Athena of which still can be seen the pillars, while a touch of magic surrounds one of the main meeting places of the city, the Fountain of Arethusa.

In fact, according to mythology, Artemis, goddess of hunting, turned the beautiful nymph Arethusa in spring water to protect her from romantic attempts of the river god Alpheus. The two, however mixed their own waters in the fountain surrounded by exotic papyrus that flows right to Ortigia.

For Sicilian food lovers a stage at typical market of Syracuse is a must.
In a maze of stalls with red curtains, in the port area, you will be surrounded by fresh seafood just caught, by fragrant smell of the bakery specialties and many other delicacies.


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